Re: Internet Computing Interview with Robert Cailliau.

David Crook (
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 09:12:43 -0800

Joe Barrera wrote:
> >From: David Crook []
> >Ron Resnick wrote:
> >>
> >> Oh, and transport level issues *DO* matter. A lot. And you know so.
> >> So nyah. Don't let Rohit go putting easily refutable words
> >> in your mouth- it doesn't make you look good.
> >Ok kids, heres a quick exercise for people that think transport level
> >issues are irrelevant. Just reach behind your computer and unplug your
> >network connection / modem. Ok, now go ahead and refute the transport
> >level issue to your hearts content. :-)
> By the same argument, the brand of gasoline you buy for your car is
> important because your car won't run on an empty tank.
> - Joe

Sure it does. There are gas stations around here that I woundn't say
that they cut their gas with something, I would just say that you would
be better off topping off your gas tank with tap water, at least you
know whats in that. They call it gasoline, it smells like gasoline and
if you put it in your car it will go, it will just sputter for a while
until you put something descent in the tank. Now people who say that
transport issues are irrelevant will argue that it doesn't matter if
your car stalls mroe often and sputters a bit while you drive as long as
you get where you wanted to go, besides there is a fault correction
system known as a taxi cab. But as for me, I'll go to a place with
decent gas.