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Latest on KUCI...

My favorite band names this week are "Donnas" and "Vas Deferens Organization".

- Jim

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KUCI Top 30 Feb 23 1998

1) V/A: Anakin (4AD)
2) Halo Benders: The Rebels Not In (K)
3) X-ecutioners: X-Pressions (Asphodel)
4) V/A: Terra Serpentes (World Serpent)
5) Vas Deferens Organization: Sweat Your Cheeses... (Charnel Music)
6) Jen Wood: Getting Past the Static (WIN)
7) Donnas: American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine (Lookout)
8) Animals on Wheels: Designs and Mistakes (Ninja Tune)
9) Cranes: EP Collection (Dedicated)
10) June of 44: Four Great Points (Quarterstick)
11) V/A: Gods of Darkness (Nuclear Blast)
12) Neutral Milk Hotel: On an Aeroplane Over the Sea (Merge)
13) Home: 13:Netherregions (Jetset)
14) Jandek: I Woke Up (Corwood)
15) Gus Van Sant: s/t (Pop Secret)
16) Azusa Plane/K-Group: split 7" (Colorful Clouds for Acoustics)
17) Index: Faith in Motion (Semaphore)
18) Swans: Swans are Dead (Young God)
19) Marmoset: HiddenForbidden (Secretly Canadian)
20) Sarah White: All My Skies Are Blue (Jagjaguwar)
21) The Height Of...: Chalk and Water (Runt)
22) Ryuichi Sakamoto: Discord (Sony Classical)
23) Charalambides: Live (Wholly Other)
24) Magical Power Mako: Lo Pop Diamonds (Atavistic)
25) Momus: Plays Ping-Pong (Le Grand Magistery)
26) Sonic Youth & Jim O'Rourke: SYR3 (SYR)
27) Dump: A Plea for Tenderness (Brinkman)
28) Kaia: Ladyman (Mr. Lady)
29) Magick Heads: Woody (Flying Nun)
30) Boymerang: Balance of the Force (Astralwerks)

June Panic - "The Fall of Atom - A Thesis On Entropy" (Secretly Canadian)
The Japonize Elephants - "La Fete Du Cloune-Pirate" (Secretly Canadian)
Kaia: Ladyman (Mr. Lady)

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