While others fail to plan, the T plans to fail

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Dustin asked me to forward this. To help justify the old/humor bits, I
should point out that Business Week's cover story is on Y2K, and they
expect it to add a point to inflation the year beforehand, and take a
half-point away from growth the years thereafter. The best estimate is
that 85% of US companies will be ready, and that's considered optimistic.
Europe the number is closer to 65%.

Then there's the MBTA...

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You and FoRK will probably appreciate this. This is Dilbert material....


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The Boston Globe (Friday, February 13th, 1998, p. B5) reports that the
MBTA (our local transit authority) "faces a 'year-2000' problem. That is
when computers programmed only for dates in the 20th century may shut down
or go bonkers because they will not recognize the shorthand '00' date as

It goes on to report that "the MBTA board directors approved a ...
five-year program to fix the problem."

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