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spunkanado (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 18:59:53 -0500 (EST)

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> > Possibly the most pointless and self-indulgent Apple-related thing
> > since the 20th-century non-portable portable.
> And your point is what?

Well the point just might be that some one could not think with enough
range to understand or see that a T-shirt can be as focal an icon for an
idea or a cultural stance as a verbiage encrusted post that does little
more than tout the supposed "big dinkum thinkum"hood of the poster.

(Go reread "moon is a harsh mistress " if you missed the reference in that
last sentence)

It befuddles and boggles the mind that the makers of such high knowing
posts about the technical aspects of all things great and small can be
blinded to the simplicities of culture, shared histories, tribal
evocations and other basic common ground fables that make up the world
around us.

The t shirts, the stickers, the crack screen shout outs, the demo crew
intros, the late night con festivities, the rally cries and the zines all
went into giving many folks the sense of community and tribal connectives
that took a rabble of folks and somehow bound them up in links of
fraternity, purpose and shared desires. These things were not the code or
the chips or the requirements laid out in spec sheets. They were the in
between things that some how made folks want to be apart of things greater
than just the dry-as-dust banalities of the computer itself.

If knowledge was just knowing then we may all well be the wisest. But
knowledge is also doing, and in the action so too must the brilliance of
the ideas be made real. Was it Kant or Clapton who said "its in the way
that you use it"? I forget, but the idea holds. If you can not even know
where you are standing, no amount of erudite twaddle will make you look
like anything but plain lost.

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