ACM Transactions on Information and System Security.

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ObBits: What the...? When the..? Okay, sometime this month ACM is
debuting its latest Transactions, TISSEC:

Surely you can think of something to submit to this, Rohit... :)

> ACM Transactions on Information and System Security
> Call For Papers
> ACM is pleased to announce the inception of a new publication,
> Transactions on Information and System Security (TISSEC). This
> addition to ACM's Transactions Series is devoted to the study,
> analysis, and application of information and system security.
> TISSEC Editor in Chief:
> Ravi Sandhu,
> Laboratory for Information Security Technology
> ISSE Dept. MS 4A4
> George Mason University
> Fairfax, VA 22030 USA
> Phone: +1.703.993.1659
> Fax: +1.703.993.1638
> Email:
> Editorial Board:
> Ravi Ganesan, Check Free Corporation
> Li Gong, JavaSoft
> Burt Kaliski, RSA Laboratories
> Teresa Lunt, DARPA
> John McLean, Naval Research Laboratory
> Jonathan Millen, The MITRE Corporation
> Roger Needham, University of Cambridge
> Clifford Neuman, University of Southern California
> Jacques Stern, Ecole Normale Superieure
> ACM invites submissions for its new Transactions on Information and
> System Security to debut in early 1998. TISSEC will publish original
> archival-quality research papers and technical notes in all areas of
> information and system security including technologies, systems,
> applications, and policies.
> Papers should have practical relevance to the construction,
> evaluation, application, or operation of secure systems. Theoretical
> papers will be accepted only if there is convincing argument for the
> practical significance of the results. Theory must be justified by
> examples illustrating its application.
> TISSEC is anticipated to start as a classical paper-based journal,
> with future evolution of the distribution media to be expected. The
> editorial board is committed to a turnaround time comparable to
> research conferences while ensuring archival journal quality.
> Topics of Interest Include:
> Security Technologies: authentication; authorization models and
> mechanisms; auditing and intrusion detection; cryptographic
> algorithms, protocols, services, and infrastructure; recovery and
> survivable operation; risk analysis; assurance including cryptanalysis
> and formal methods; penetration technologies including viruses, Trojan
> horses, spoofing, sniffing, cracking, and covert channels.
> Secure Systems: secure operating systems, database systems and
> networks; secure distributed systems including security middleware;
> secure web browsers, servers, and mobile code; specialized secure
> systems for specific application areas; interoperability, and
> composition.
> Security Applications: threats, system tradeoffs, and unique needs of
> applications; representative application areas include information
> systems, workflow, electronic commerce, electronic cash, copyright and
> intellectual property protection, telecommunications systems, wireless
> systems, and health care.
> Security Policies: confidentiality, integrity, availability, privacy,
> usage, and survivability policies; tradeoffs, conflicts and synergy
> among security objectives.
> Information for Authors:
> Submissions, refereeing, and all correspondence will be conducted
> through the Internet. Manuscripts must be submitted as Postscript
> files via electronic mail to The title, authors,
> abstract, and history of prior publication of any part of the paper
> must be separately submitted as a plain text file via electronic mail
> to: Papers should not exceed 20,000 words
> including allowance for figures and tables. Final manuscripts must be
> prepared with one of the following systems: WordPerfect, Microsoft
> Word, Frame, or LaTex to facilitate eventual electronic publication.


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