Rohit Khare (
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 04:16:55 -0800

In a semi-annual ritual, I've had to slap together yet another fresh resume
to apply to PARC this summer. I have never maintained a cumulative vitae, so
it's always a pain. Here's the current master:

The overview I wrote at the end of my W3C tenure was also refreshing to

Wish me luck -- SF in the summertime!
Rohit Khare


Rohit Khare



To understand, design, and implement distributed systems that will
change the world

Work Experience

MCI Internet Architecture

Designed content-filtering services, standards strategy analysis, and
security reviews [1997]

World Wide Web Consortium (MIT)

Technical lead for Security, Electronic Commerce, and HTTP Extension
Supporting role in Technology & Society and Web Architecture Domains
Organized and spoke at W3C, IETF, IW3C2, and other meetings and
invited workshops.
Wrote and edited technical specifications, position papers, and W3C
Newsletter [95-97]

World Wide Web Journal (O'Reilly)

Editor-in-Chief of W3C / O'Reilly & Associates quarterly Web Journal

Caltech Archetypes Project / SURF

Developed an electronic hypermedia textbook for distributed
programming [92-95]
Investigated parallelization of planar graph coloring algorithms
[Summer 92]

4K Consulting
Internet strategy consulting for Bain & Co., Canon K.K., RoadRunner,
Inc., SYSTOR A.G., and others [96-]

Rohit Khare Software
Developed commercial e-mail connectivity and encryption packages

Correspondent, NeXTWorld magazine, IDG Publications. Reviewer, Byte
Magazine. Columnist, IEEE Internet Computing [92-]

Harvard University
Chemistry Department UNIX system administrator [Summer 90]

Wet chemistry, systems programming, and business management [89-]


University of California at Irvine
Doctoral studies in Web protocol design, markup languages, and
standards policy [97-]

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Special Graduate Student in Computer Science [95-96]

California Institute of Technology
BS (Honors) in Economics and Engineering & Applied Science [91-95]

Harvard University
Undergraduate work in Economics and Computer Science [Summer 90]

Professional Experience

Caltech Industrial Relations Center
Student leadership workshops, technical management courses [92-95]

Association for Computing Machinery

NeXTStep User Groups International
Founded and led several users groups; co-managed ngiCoNN'95 [90-]

Selected Publications

Edited: The Web After Five Years (with Roger Hurwitz), Building an
Industrial-Strength Web, Advancing HTML: Style and Substance,
Scripting Languages: Automating the Web, Web Security: A Matter of
Trust, XML: Principles, Tools, and Techniques (with Dan Connolly)

Refereed Papers
"Security Extensions for the Web", RSA Data Security Conference,
January 1996. "Using PICS Labels for Trust Management," DIMACS
Workshop on Trust Management, October 1997.
With Adam Rifkin: "XML: A Door to Automated Web Applications", IEEE
Internet Computing, July 1997. "The Origin of (Document) Species",
WWW7, April 1998. "Composing Active Proxies to Extend the Web",
OMG/DARPA Workshop on Compositional Systems, January 1998.

Working Drafts
HTTP/1.1 Protocol Extension Protocol (PEP), Security Extension
Architecture (SEA), Digital Signature Label Architecture (DSIG), Joint
Electronics Payment Initiative Scenarios (JEPI)


Rohit Khare
6310 Palo Verde
Irvine, CA 92612