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For those of you not currently enjoying the political flamefest on
IETF list. I find it interesting that the US govt put this out to the
EC for comment in the first place. Did we really think they would go
for it? For those who haven't seen the gov'ts proposal, its at
and some interesting related links exist at

Robert Watson wrote:
> Excerpts of interest from:
> http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,19450,00.html
> EC slams domain proposal
> By Reuters
> Special to CNET NEWS.COM
> February 24, 1998, 5:10 p.m. PT
> BRUSSELS, Belgium--The European Commission
> has criticized a U.S. proposal for reforming the
> Internet's naming and address system, saying it would
> give Americans too much control over the global
> computer network.
> ...snip...
> The Commission's draft reply, to be discussed by EU
> telecommunications ministers on Thursday, accuses
> Washington of ignoring a plan for a new registry
> system drawn up by the International Ad-Hoc
> Committee (IAHC), a group of Internet companies
> and organizations.
> ...snip...
> The commission also faults the U.S. "green paper" for
> seemingly giving the United States jurisdiction over all
> conflicts over trademarks in Internet addresses and
> failing to mention efforts to set up Internet
> dispute-resolution procedures within the World
> Intellectual Property Organization.
> ...snip...
> The U.S. Commerce Department gave interested
> parties until March 23 to comment on the proposal. A
> U.S. official in Brussels said the initiative was "not
> set in stone" and that comments by the EU and other
> parties would be taken into account.
> ...snip...
> Story Copyright 1998 Reuters Limited All rights reserved.
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