[ANTI-BITS] (more of a flame really) Dylan/Grammy Award

John M. Klassa (klassa@aur.alcatel.com)
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 08:44:55 -0500

At the risk of alienating the Dylan fans on the list (I know there are a
few), I've just *got* to ask... What do people see in Dylan?

I watched the Grammy Awards thing last night (most of it, anyway)
and, in particular, saw Dylan's performance. I realize this is all
subjective, but (IMHO) his song sounded like hell -- the music sucked,
and Bob is completely unintelligible. I've heard countless people say
"listen to the words -- he's a master lyricist" -- how can you tell,
given the way he sings?

In short, I just don't get it.

John Klassa / Alcatel Telecom / Raleigh, NC, USA <><