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Thu, 26 Feb 1998 13:36:08 -0800

Mark Kuharich just posted...
> [You'll want to peruse:
> "The Natural Life Cycle Of Mailing Lists
> Kat Nagel ( sent this terrific piece to the EARLY-M
> mailing list in December 1994. It is the best description of the social
> development of a mailing list I've read"
> Consider me de-lurked!

Congrats for delurking, but...

1. This was posted over two years ago...

2. ...which is when I added it to the FoRK FAQ...

3. ...but you are forgiven because Vivian's searchable list of mailing
lists is pretty cool...

In the future, though, be careful.


What is missing from the net is a clapometer which is basically why
people still meet.
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