Re: Mailing Lists

spunkanado (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 16:47:55 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, CobraBoy! wrote:
> And what started all this is the point that mailing lists are a microcosm
> of society.

Yea, its clearly eveident from a few of the lists im on that there is a
growing and sometimes sharp upswing of the tightly wound up little balls
of perfection who cant STAND when someone draws outside of what they
consider the LINES.

I take some amount of glee in watching these overspun selfimportant
fuzzballs spin in explosive orbits when I mispelll something or I dont
adhear to the strictly litle confines of the Do's and Dont's. Its beter
than cats, id see it again and again and again.

But the saddness is also there. I mean dig, here we are in a time when we
have at our fingertips such a VAST amount of connected knowing that even
40 years back it would have been far flung sf lit. We sit here and we are
connected and we..we... we nit pick over syntax and beat each other into
nooks and crannies with specs and regs..

Ok we also do a shit load of great stuff as well, in fact taken as a whole
I would say the great stuff vs the marchofthemundane is way way in favor
of the great stuff (quake, dist-obj type projects, emus, communications
with about a zillion folks a day every day from every far fucking flung
area of earth)

No matter how great it gets though there will always be the folks who see
things in terms of thier narrow focus of self and self importence.

I try to keep my dealings with them to a minimum and focus on the things
that realy work for me.

IDIC(infinte divertiy in infinte combinations) ..if your not down with
that your just not down with it.