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CobraBoy (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 10:03:58 -0800

Twice a year I attend the ASR (Action Sports Retailer) shows. They are by
far the best trade shows and the memory of them enables me to make it
through the various geek shows that I attend other wise.

Well ASR has started putting out it's own compilation CD and this one is
damn good. So here are some picks off it.

Ben Harper - Mama's Trippin'
Good groove Funk

Kottonmouth Kings
Surburban Life
HB's own boyz, don't know how well this will play in Peroria, but if you've
even lived in OC this is the THEME SONG man...

Marcy Playground
Sex and Candy
Great Track, sort of like if Counting Crows grew some balls

Nothing Fits
More Electro than the rest, but a great hook. Sort of like Boyz Town (or
whatever that London band is) grew some balls.

Human Waste Project
One night in Spain
Sort of retro OMD type sound with chick singer. Cool.


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