Matsushita Prepping DVD-RAM Drives for Macs

CobraBoy (
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 08:45:43 -0800

According to a report from NEWS.COM this
morning, Japanese
electronics giant Matsushita Electric
could have Macintosh DVD-RAM
drives ready for shipment sometime this
summer. The units were
demoed at MacWorld Tokyo last week.
DVD-RAM drives, which use
are a different format than the DVD-ROM
drives shipped by companies
such as E4, allow for both reading and
writing of data. The DVD-RAM
discs can hold upwards of 2.6 GB per
side, and that amount could go
up. Hitachi demoed their drives at
MacWorld San Francisco. The
DVD-RAM technologies developed by
Hitachi were positioned for the
content-creation world where files in
graphics, video, and audio balloon
to tremendous sizes. Drives based on
Hitachi's DVD-RAM technologies
would be able to re-record to the same
DVD disc and could hold as
much as 5.2 GB of data on one
double-sided disc. NEWS.COM has


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