Auckland smaat pawah.

Steve Nordquist (
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 23:30:36 -0600

Robert S. Thau wrote:

> Rohit Khare quotes (from an on-site report from New Zealand):


> It certainly is an interesting place to look for precedents, which
> almost makes you wonder if the whole thing isn't being staged by some
> forward-looking black-bag outfit as a rehearsal.

Yeah, brilliant, but what happened to the beautiful cable and the
excellent failsafe loads which presumably were used when the turbines etc.
found themselves running no load? You'd think that an engineer would at
least manage to record the sound for posterity and lecture tours abroad.

Presumably, under the given scenario (all cooling via. the (single) oil
containment tube?) either the oxygen-free copper liquefied at 670C in at
least 3 long extents (all cables) until one found some oxygen in the
surrounding iron and that section started the failure chain, with no power
fallback happening at the target end.

I can understand the chief engineer taking a 2 year sabbatical on
completion of the cable installation, with cable service so well set up
(what's this about warm ground? 450K is a warm fall in NZ?) but not the
specific planning for dehabitization of Auckland solely involving loss of

Aren't there any iffy bridges, feral Toucans, etc? In my day, black-bag
had standards and specific retorts to popular managment techniques.