Wow Chips or How to keep from leaking

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the absolutely discrete way thay describe bodily fluids sneaking past =
What about the gastrointestinal (GI) effects?=20
Just like any full-fat chips, Olestra can cause temporary, common
digestive changes in some people, at some times. If a consumer does
experience a digestive effect from olestra, the consumer can simply
choose to stop eating the product. There will be no lasting effects =
any digestive changes caused by olestra.=20
For people who may experience temporary digestive changes from Olestra,
the effects are similar to those caused by a range of other foods, such
as raw fruits and vegetables, milk, and other high fiber foods like =
or beans.=20
All available evidence indicates that the number of people who
experience a real digestive effect from olestra is low. The likelihood
of having digestive changes from eating WOW!=99 chips is no different =
from eating full-fat chips. Olestra has been shown not to cause any
change in physiological function of the digestive system.=20
Olestra aside, the incidence of some form of digestive change among
people is normally high. However, given this high amount of normal
digestive changes and the publicity surrounding this newly approved =
additive, many people who eat olestra products may link their symptoms
to olestra when in fact their symptoms have other causes.=20
If you want some Olean for you own cooking fancy (perhaps Pork-Rinds
Light? or fat-free fries?) see
At which you can find a very nice denial that Olestra causes any side
effects (read tha diarrhea) which the consumer should be concerned =
Ahh, plastics....

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