Change of email address

Robert Tenback (
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 16:26:27 +0100

Dear Rohit,

Please change my email address to:

Soon (in March) I will switch my job at the Utrecht University for
one at 'Informaat', and I would hate to loose my daily bit-feed...
(yes, this list _can_ be addictive, even for a lurker)

In case you are wondering:
The company 'Informaat' (this is a combination of the dutch words for
'Information' and 'buddy') is specializing in information disclosure.
My job as one of the software engineers will be to design a system to
store and retrieve small 'knowledge objects', (probably) using object
databases and XML.
I will tell you more, when I start on the job.

Best wishes to you all,

Robert Tenback for a very brief description

Robert Tenback