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Sally Khudairi (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 13:32:29 -0500

Updating my grocery-related post of almost a year ago,
I no longer use any delivery service. I now reside in NYC weekdays and in
Boston on weekends...I can't locate much less remember my HomeRuns
username/password set, don't want to order a minimum of $60 worth of food to
avoid delivery charges, and since embracing this new living arrangement I
have given my cats to my sister so I don't need to have boxes of litter
hauled over [which was actually one of the best things about the service --
those guys did lots of heavy lifting!]

I did try to tip one of their delivery guys who came back *twice* to drop
off forgotten items during a particularly hellish snowstorm, and he refused.
Professionalism all the way.

Now a different question...anyone know of a grocery delivery service in New
York? Could it really be that nobody in Midtown cooks at home? They can't
eat out all the at those little cornershops *can't* be the
main source. I need to go beyond Balducci's or Dean & Deluca delivery. Help
is appreciated...thanks.

- S

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> Yes, that is what is says, but do you not do it? Have you tried?
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> >> How big a tip do you give?
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> > No, thank you. We appreciate your desire to tip the Delivery
> > Professional, but as a policy they do not accept tips.
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