Money and Happiness

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 12:17:28 -0800

New Color Gameboy (CGB): $69 Toys R Us
WWF War Zone for CGB: $29.99
Turok 2 for CGB: $29.99
Zelda for CGB: $29.99
Full set of Taco Bell
dogs and 3 7-layer burritos: $23
Cheap Ass Mountain Bike: $99

So much for killing a Monday.

I went into the schwinn bike shop this weekend
and found a bitchin' high tech beach cruiser for
about $300. After sticker shock, I told him I'd
give him $190 for it knowing the price markup of
bicycles is about the same as mattresses. He came
back and said he'd split the difference with me,
$239. I'd rather cruise the garage sales and spend
$10. Anyways, in case you were wondering what
the perfect valentine's gift was, it's a $60 Toys R Us
women's bike (I had to buy one too, so there's a hidden
cost) and a Taco Bell "I think Eyam een Luv" chihuahua.