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Tim Byars (
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 09:43:40 -0800

On 2/9/99 at 8:38 AM -0800, Gregory Alan Bolcer let the world know this:

> Intel is odd, they want to discourage overclocking as a lot of second
> and third party vendors, particularly assembly/builders will overclock
> a second rate chip to fetch a premium from an unsuspecting bargain
> hunter. The claim its consumer protection, I think it's that they
> are just frat-boy jealous that they can't screw the customer.

Yeah and like any big company they have competing divisions. The
PentiumPro is my favorite. The boyz that did that clocked the cache at
system speed. 1:1. The Pentium and P-II run the cache at 1/2 speed. IE:
A 200mhz has a 100mhz cache bus.

Anyway this is why you never see any other chip than a 200 mhz P-Pro.
The main Pentium division was bringing out the big plastic PII and the
P-Pro 200 out ran them up to around 300 mhz.



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