Ever heard of Max?

Ernest Prabhakar (prabhaka@apple.com)
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 09:57:31 -0800

I was curious whether anybody on FoRK has ever heard of Max, from UMich.


Kuokka, D.R., "MAX: A meta-reasoning architecture for 'X'," SIGART Bulletin
2, 1991, 93-97.

MAX Background

The MAX architecture is intended to support the reasoning and meta-reasoning
required of integrated intelligent agents. It integrates reasoning,
execution, and learning, and is based on the idea of specifying all
reasoning and learning capabilities of the system as declarative knowledge.
The developers of MAX list several capabilities that an architecture for
general intelligence should have. An architecture should be able to focus
its problem solving resources based on its current goals, be able to learn
intentionally, and exhibit situation dependent reactivity. The claim, then,
is that all of these capabilities require meta-level reasoning, and MAX is
designed to address this general class of problems.