Usability of; searching for 1998-069

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:19:04 -0800

I came in from a Dec 21, 1998 NY Times article describing the work of
"Interval physicist" Robert Aiello regarding ultra-wideband
emissions. I failed in about 15 minutes of poring through the site
and searching. I found, in fact, no trace that Interval is interested
in the issue.

Then I want to the FCC's docket and found a notice of extension
specifically citing Interval's research in this area to grant a
one-month extension. From there, I couldn't find any actual filed

Later, by searching, I found the UWB working group which does have
PDF files of various submitted comments -- including Interval's Dec 7
comments. I'd presume those comments ought to be available from
Interval itself. ( )

Finally, I'm writing regarding my continuing failure to locate the
publication cited in Interval's comments:
"See Exhibit 3, attached [not available in PDF form], W.C.Lynch et
al, An Analysis of Noise Aggregation from Multiple Distributed RF
Emitters, IRC#1998-069." Exhibit 2, "biographical information on Dr.
Lynch" would also be useful for my investigations here at UC Irvine.

Any assistance you can offer in this matter -- including a referral
to a more appropriate contact person within Interval -- would be
greatly appreciated.

Rohit Khare

3207 Palo Verde
Irvine, CA 92612

626 806 7574