Re: [AP Newswire] Tinky Winky Gets Outed.
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 10:47:48 EST

Next thing you know, Wile E. Coyote will file suit against Acme Products for
damages. How many times should one be squashed like an accordian before ones
screams "Enough!"

I've been outraged for years.


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<< The sexual orientation of yet another cartoon character has been called
in to question. The debate over Ernie and Bert has been raging for
years and many have often wondered if good old Bugs is a transvestite
(he *does* love to dress in women's clothing quite frequently). Now one
of the innocent little teletubbies -- Tinky Winky-- has come under
attack and is being forced out of the closet. Tinky Winky is the
favourite teletubby of my young nephew, does this mean that I should be
concerned about his sexual orientation as an adult? Is he being unduly
influenced... give me a break! This is one of THE most ridiculous
stories to come over the newswires in quite some time.

Falwell's Latest Target: Teletubby


Roanoke, Va. - The Rev. Jerry Falwell is trying to out Tinky
suggesting that the purple, purse-toting character on television's
popular "Teletubbies" children's show is gay.
A spokesman for Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Co., which licenses
Teletubbies in the United States, said the purse is actually Tinky
Winky's magic bag.
"The fact that he carries a magic bag doesn't make him gay,"
Rice said. "It's a children's show, folks. To think we would be
sexual innuendo in a children's show is kind of outlandish."
The February edition of the National Liberty Journal, edited
published by Falwell, says Tinky Winky has the voice of a boy but
carries a purse. "He is purple - the gay-pride color; and his
antenna is
shaped like a triangle - the gay-pride symbol."
Falwell contends the "subtle depictions" are intentional and
a statement yesterday that said, "As a Christian I feel that role
modeling the gay lifestyle is damaging to the moral lives of
Rice said Falwell was attacking "something sweet and innocent"
further his conservative political agenda. >>