Re: [AP Newswire] Tinky Winky Gets Outed.

Jay Thomas (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:15:20 -0500

Janie L. Wilkins wrote:
> The sexual orientation of yet another cartoon character has been
> called in to question. The debate over Ernie and Bert has been
> raging for years and many have often wondered if good old Bugs is a
> transvestite (he *does* love to dress in women's clothing quite
> frequently). Now one of the innocent little teletubbies -- Tinky
> Winky-- has come under attack and is being forced out of the
> closet. Tinky Winky is the favourite teletubby of my young nephew,

The Goldberg File, updated 2/11/99

by Jonah Goldberg, NR Contributing Editor

News broke yesterday that Jerry Falwell believes that the
kiddy-show Teletubbies contains not-so-hidden messages promoting the
lifestyle. In his Liberty Journal he advised parents that Tinky Winky
wears a "gay-pride" triangle on his head, has a boy's voice but
a girl's purse, and is purple--the gay-pride color (and the Roman
imperial color too, but that's a quibble). Because I don't have any
(the state can pin on me) and I don't smoke pot, I'm not a Teletubbies
fan. But I have seen the show more than a few times--it's not like if
there's nothing else on I'm gonna just turn the TV off.

So is Falwell right? Will letting your drooling rugrat watch
Teletubbies make him gay as a French horn? Doubtful. But, it might
him into a total freak -- straight sure -- but still, a total freak.
understanding is that in America, the biggest audience for Teletubbies
is moms playing with their kids. The second biggest audience is
pot-heads taking Rastafarian communion while knee deep in 7-11
microwavable burrito wrappers. It's no surprise that people who like
spark up watch this stuff since you'd have to be high as a moon bat to
write it. Teletubbies is weird. It freaks me out man, totally. Without
kid or the THC tour guide to walk you through it, this stuff will mess
you up dude, bad. There is no secret I wouldn't reveal, no plans to a
missile base I wouldn't give up, if I were forced to watch this show
more than eight hours straight. Strap me down, flip it on, and by
time you'd have the identity of every member of the vast right-wing
conspiracy. Big, globby, weird things screaming the phone book
in baby talk and then giggling. Winking suns and, and, tubby toast . .