Re: Slate goes back to free...
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 13:24:11 EST

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<< It's been a good adventure. And, the Slate Umbrella is finally getting
some use -- it's been sitting in the California sun almost since I got
it, but it's finally rainy now -- so lo, and behold! A Microsoft
product without holes :-)


PS. Of course, everyone DOES realize that "Today's Papers" is worth
the $20 alone... right?

A few months ago I convinced Michael Kinsley to extend my Slate trial
subscription into infinity. Catalyst! When I was less than a week old, the
fairy godmother assigned to me proclaimed "This child shall bear no advantage
over another, and she shall never appear on television."

Therefore, much like hanging one's laundry in the sun invites the surprise
thunderstorm, so did my freebie Slate guarantee* you would eventually get
yours for free.

I've got to learn to capitalize on this curse - perhaps as a short predictor
in the stock market. The question remains - can I outsmart my birth fairy?

About the umbrella - one of the most derisive things I've ever said to a man
is "I hear you use your umbrella as a screen saver." Tim will understand


* further proof of the curse's effectiveness
1) Clinton is acquitted
2) my ex-boyfriend is deliriously happy and obscenely successful