Re: Baby Bills

Tom Whore (
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 12:15:03 -0800 (PST)

The borg broken up will be most peoples worst nightmare.

I cant say how i know, or even that this info i heard is accurate, but if
it is, prepare for a 5 year plan the likes of which Stalin would
consider harsh.

You think one borg is bad, and you may think breaking them up will
disipate the probelm...oh how wrong it will all seem in 5 years time.

You want MS gone, its simple. Let them go on getting fat and bloated and
they will fall down and crack on thier own in about 5 years. Force a break
up and you will be unleashing a vengence and a focus not seen in recent

Look at Ashton Tate and Lotus, once thought of as the BIG TWO of software.
Where are they now. Yea Lotus is making a sort of push back, but they have
lost so much they are an entorely differnt company. In fact they arelegaly
now part of another great slef failed monster, IBM. Look at apple, who was
once poised to be the leader of desktop PCs and now krells with joy over
10 % of the market share. Word Perfect, once the end all and be all of
Word prcoessors was passed around from company to cpmpany like a 20$
stripper at a bachleor party.

Force a break up, be prepared .

Its not gonna be pretty and you will not be able to put the monster back
inthe jar.

of course those who buy up the stock for the baby companys will not mind,
not at all.