Re: Baby Bills

Tom Whore (
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 14:39:21 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:

> Exactly.. see how hard it is for MS to produce FUNCTIONAL code these
> days as a holistic, integrated unit? Split them into two and watch them
> spiral toward complete chaos as their engineering crew realize that
> using APIs is not really what we mean when we speak of "Open" Systems.

Fuuny, i though MS was being broken up BEECAUSE they make holistic code.

Sure its not the beauty pinup of OSS folk, but sneeze me a river if the
damn stuff doesnt seem to work. Oh sure you can throw hands up to the sky
and say it doesnt do this or that or the other thing, usualy though its
things that are not Borg. You use borg you must be borg. If your not
getting the proper results, check your protocols and packets to the

My borg systems work fine, in fact work better than fine. When I have on
the borg admin hat life is good. Its borg, which means boring and non
glamorous and all code sexy and the like, but work gets done.

(show me a system as widely used as access>odbc>middleware(brio, etc)>user
thats as easy to admin and seemless to design on and ill gladly switch
over. Ive pited my borgcrafted db/web/object projects against stuff years
in the making with all manner of java and the like with teams of
meta data geek and layer wonks...and the winner, ME. I got the cute little
wood and brass award to prove it:))

When i have my borg hat off and i can thnk free of the mental blocking
waves of the collective I have much more fun, but its because i can think
borg for 2 hours a day that I can play in the fields of the great material
stream the other 22.

Payoff and playoff, well, thats why iam tomwhore.

"for a fee
im happy to be
your back door man
dirty deeds
done dirt cheap" ac/dc