RE: Cyc KB

Dave Long (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 22:41:55 -0800

>One of the requirements for Cyc (or any comparable project) is a
>language that can be used by both humans and software systems to share a
>conversation about the real world -- the "ontology" in Cyc terms.

Forget about conversation; how about just the level of communication one has
with horses, mules, working dogs, performing dolphins, etc. (good, do more
of that / no, I didn't want that, try something else)?

Is anyone aware of software systems that afford this style of interaction?
Some KPT products offer a "give me something else" mode, and I think that
QuickBooks silences the confirmation dialogs when doing a long sequence of
modifications. Neither of those really go that far, but they're a step
beyond rudimentary ^C/ESC handling...

Of course, since we've generally switched over to machines instead of labor,
perhaps consistency *is* very important, even when (as per the perl FAQ) one
consistently gets worst-case behavior.

Given suitable infinite-level undo, would you find proactive software tools
helpful, or annoying?