Re: PriceWaterhouseCoopers

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Thu, 18 Feb 1999 10:34:16 -0600

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> an interview with Russell Daggatt (try that one Baisley, I've
> never seen so many double consonants in one name) of Teledesic

No problemo. The problem is actually in paring down the enormous list
of anagrams of this name. Some are slightly rude. You've been warned.

All gadgets rust.
All turds get gas.
A slut straggled.
Atlas struggled. (Before Ayn showed up.)
Dallas Egg-Trust (Chicken outfit)
Drug state galls.
Dug starlet gals.
Dulles -- Start gag.
Dust all taggers. (LAPD motto?)
Gad -- legal trusts!
Gal's red-tag lust
Garage Lusts, Ltd. (The next Architext, Tim?)
Gargle dust, salt.
Gates's lard-glut (75 million lines of code?)
Gerald Stag-Lust
Get all dustrags.
Gets drugs at all?
Gets guard stall.
Gluteal SST drag
Glut. Grad steals. (Not in this job market)
Grudge SST at all?
Lads' great gluts
LA's drug gestalt
Last ragged slut
Led ragtag sluts.
Rudest stall gag? (Those who write on bathroom walls ...)
Sludge: tart slag?
Sluggard's latte
Staged alt.gURLs
Std. stalag gruel
Stuart Dell's gag (Buy Michael a Compaq for Christmas?)
Tag glad results. (<BLINK>You've got anagrams!</BLINK>)
Tall as stud Greg?
Tall Gadgets 'R' Us
Trusts Glade gal. (Effective ad campaign)
Turd gags Stella. (And well it should)
Turd-stall gages? (No. No munchkins in the WC, either, please.)

Also: PriceWaterhouseCoopers = Powerhouse reciprocates.