Still Da Bomb

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 13:28:48 -0800

I love this, overt intelligence operations [1][2][3].

On another note, my mission this week is to make Jim
Whitehead jealous that his little WebDAV effort isn't
mentioned once in all 822 pages of the 10th anniversary
edition of the Price-Waterhouse-Coopers 1999 Technology
Forecast, [4] but SWAP [5] gets a whole paragraph, a first
class cite in the index, and 27 pages of glowing overstatement
and hype for taking a Web-based approach to workflow
and document management.


Pentagon team in Russia for bug aid
Nation has been criticized for slow response to Y2K

MOSCOW, Feb. 17 - U.S. Defense Department
officials were to arrive in Moscow Wednesday
for talks with the Russian military on the
millennium computer problem and cooperation
in other areas, the Defense Ministry said. The
Pentagon team is to be in Moscow between
Feb. 17 and 21, and talks will cover arms
control, mutual security threats and ways to
build trust, the ministry said.
Some U.S. officials and experts fear a computer
glitch might provoke an accidental nuclear alert.
But the Defense Ministry says there is no chance of
missiles being triggered by mistake.