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Mike Masnick (
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 12:25:57 -0800

At 12:01 PM 2/21/99 -0800, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
>Hey Mike!
> I think the article was meant to be a joke, poking fun
>at the whole valuations/IPO/market-du-jour thing. In fact,
>I'd feel sorry the writer if it wasn't.

Aye! That's what I get for reading/replying to email after just waking up
on a Sunday morning (I only drank a couple beers last night - honest). My
sense of humor is still in bed. My gullibility quotient, however...

>That actually brings up another point. In the commercial world,
>it's easy to introduct a new product to an existing market, or introduce
>an existing product to a new market, but introducing a new product
>to a new market is almost always fatal. Anyone have any counter-

My personal problem has always been with one product companies. I think in
a new market or an old market it's tough to build a sustainable business on
a single product. When a company is focused on a single product, they miss
what the market really is. However, if they're focused on providing goods
and services to a specific market, then they can adjust as changes occur.
It's just that in an older market, the situation is more established, and
what the market needs is more defined, so a single product will have a
longer life cycle. In a new market, with things shifting and changing, if
you're not focused on what's happening in the market, and just your
product, you're bound to miss the mark.

You know, I'm going to stop typing now. There's more that I want to say
about this, but as I type it I realize it's coming out sounding really
obvious, and I hate that... Perhaps I'll write more once I've woken up.