MARCit [was:"Request for Info" posted by Tom Whore]

Janie L. Wilkins (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 17:41:52 -0500

This is the site of a commercial product used that allows
you to catalog websites using standard MaRC tags. I have
not used it myself as of YET (I am a reference librarian and
not a cataloger), *but* I plan to download the free
demo/sample in the very near future and see how it works.
The library I work at is in the midst of migrating to a new
online catalog and we plan to incorporate web sites in to
our online catalog so that if a patron searches our catalog
they will discover both what we physically own as well as be
instantly led to web sites of relevance to their search.

If anybody gets a chance to play with MARCit before I do (I
have 2 very busy weeks coming up), then send me or the list
your comments.


Tom Whore wrote:
>Im looking for folks or urls for XML DTDs relating to
library or
>bibliography, that have anything to do with the MARC format
to query
>librarys or not.