Re: NYT Patents column on W3C, CSS, Intermind, Microsoft, and Eolas

Roy T. Fielding (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 17:41:35 -0800

>The interesting event of note is the recent additions to the Mozilla
>license. I've been talking to folks about this (but with a bigger scope), so
>I'm hoping that soon the open standards/source community will have a GPL
>type "collective pool" for patents...

Yep, that's my addition to the MPL, though the final version is a hell of
a lot more complicated than my suggestion -- lawyers can't resist the
temptation to make a simple concept seem like a habitrail circus.

I'll be at O'Reilly's open source summit next week, so I am interested
in hearing people's opinion of the new MPL and Sun's CSL.