RE: NeXTSTEP Re: SIMSON SAYS: Copyright and wrongs

Tim Byars (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 07:52:02 -0800

On 2/26/99 at 9:38 AM -0500, Mark Baker ran this line:

>> Yet, people are tossing their Newtons out by the
>>basketful and buying Palms. I don't get it.
> Price-point, form-factor, third-party software. Check and mate.
> MB (still a happy MP2K owner)

umm... yeah, maybe for someone that doesn't have a PDA. But I know a
flock of people that as soon as Apple said no more Newton they chucked
them and went to get palms. And I'd be willing to bet they aren't doing
more, or as much as they were with their Newtons.

Point being, companies see this, and realize they are completely free
to do what they want. How many people are going to *have to have* a P
III in the next month, which other than clock speed offers nothing
really new?



Bring it on...