Re: Wanted: Tomahawk

Tim Byars (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 10:28:08 -0800

On 2/26/99 at 1:16 PM -0500, Robert S. Thau ran this line:

> 2) Denial --- if they think they can get away with the whoppers
> they've been spouting at the court, maybe they also still think
> they can win at trial.

I believe this is more the case. My personal feelings are Ms, feeling
as smug and self important as they usually are, think the Gov is just a
bunch of numskulls and they can pull the wool over their eyes like they
have with everyone else.

The one factor they didn't figure into their assessment is there are a
lot of people that simply hate Ms, and even if the Gov is a bunch of
numskulls, they are more than happy to help them out.



Bring it on...