Re: TBTF for 1999-03-01: Light of other days

Tim Byars (
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 08:24:19 -0800

At 10:32 AM +0100 3/1/99, Robert Harley did the job with this:

>>[...] After the cleanup my Macin-
>>tosh-based Navigator 4.04, with clean caches, loaded it on average
>>in 7 sec. vs. the 13 sec. required for the "smudged" version. Try
>>it yourself with these before [12] and after [13] versions, and let
>>me know what you see. (If you write please include your OS, browser
>>and version, and connectivity bandwidth.)
> What vintage Macintosh are you running? Or have I got the wrong pages?
> When I start up Mozilla, caching disabled, and go to either page, they
> get sucked down, drawn in a 1600x1200 window and the "Document: Done."
> message appears, all in a fraction of a second. Too small to time it
> accurately.


I hate to break it to you. Now sit down, and take a deep breath. Some
people, as a matter of fact most people view the net using a technology
that connects them through a device called a modum. It plugs into your
phone line and then into your computer.

Strange as it may seem to you, it's true.



Bring it on...