Re: Death to spam

David Crook (
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 14:19:38 -0800

Thats nice and all, I just believe that at the very least a mandatory UCE
clean-up fee should involve coughing up some body organs.

Dave "We're very sorry, but you were caught sending spam and Mr Smith over
there needs a couple of new kidneys so hold still" Crook

At 02:05 PM 3/1/99 -0800, Jesse wrote:
>For what it's worth...
>----- Forwarded message from Netcom Policy Management <>
>We will not allow this person to purchase another account at NETCOM. In
>addition, this user was charged our mandatory UCE Clean-up fee of $200.00
>for this incident. NETCOM has very strict anti-spam policies, and in no
>way supports any type of unsolicited commercial email (UCE).

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