Killer Appliances

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 18:29:13 -0800

My comment is, the first killer app will be the one
that gets all the stupid clocks to synchronize to the
same time. Sounds like a new name for Jini.

Tech alliance plans Net standard for home devices

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A global alliance of 13 major computer, phone and
electric utility companies
Monday will unveil plans to forge a common software method for linking
consumer and small business
appliances to the Internet.

The group is designing a way to connect wired and wireless devices
alike -- computers, telephones,
appliances like TVs, stereos and VCRs, along with security alarms and
electric meters, and even
refrigerators or toasters -- to the Internet.

The alliance said in a statement that it aims to secure ways for
Internet-based service businesses to
deliver home services like security, energy management, emergency
healthcare and electronic commerce.

Founding members of the alliance include telecommunications equipment
suppliers like Alcatel, Cable &
Wireless Plc , Ericsson , Lucent Technologies Inc. Motorola Inc. and
Nortel Networks Ltd.

Computer companies taking part include IBM, Oracle Corp. and its
Network Computer Inc. affiliate,
Philips Electronics NV, Sun Microsystems Inc. and Sybase Inc.. Also
signing on is U.S. energy giant
Enron Corp.'s Communications unit.m