Re: Why I love Fry's

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 16:56:20 -0800

> yeah, but is that SCSI or IDE? The Barracua is SCSI. Fry's has 5.3 gig
> IDE's for something like $189.
> And wholesale price of RAM is $22 for 16 megs.

Okay, if you guys are going to get into a pissing war,
I get to help. Is that EDO or SDRAM?
has some really great prices on them sometimes and you
can pick stuff up at about $1/Meg.

Also, you can trace prices on
they listed PII-333's for $811 one day and I ordered 4
of them but they called back and said they couldnt' accept
my order as they ran out. Bastards.