Re: Chartering a business class cabin...

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 12:37:32 -0800

> Fedex flies daily all over the world using wide-body 747s complete with their
> empty first class cabins and they keep them well stocked in case an exec
> has to fly off on a moments notice. Seems like they should follow suit.
> Greg

I find that hard to believe. The nose-forward first class area on the main
deck is the best area as far as acoustics, smooth landing, etc, but the only
reason the 747 got an upper deck at all was top place the cockpit above that
area for a nose-opening cargo area. So the freighters probably don't have the
FC area with seats. But the upper deck, especially on the -400, and even the
-300, is still quite nice enough, and can be refitted with FC seats nicely.
Before the -400, though, the arc of the roof and the limited galley relegated
it to smoking-bar status, really. Of course, the economics changed, too. I
with I could travel back in the days of regulation, when Pan Am had upstairs
lounges and silverware buffets. I've even seen some more exotic Boeing concept
sketches for upperdeck pianos, sunken living-room-style bars, and a true movie
theater. Just think what you could do with THX to make time fly...

Now, not that I'd be complaining about last-minute midnight business travel on
a private '47 upper deck. :-)

Rohit Khare

PS. Would it count as sexual harassment in the workplace if you took your wife
along? I mean, the pilot might feel scandalized and find it a hostile
environment to keeping their eyes on the ball all night long...