Re: Welcome to the Class of '98

David Crook (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 15:02:00 -0800

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> > I suppose I could add an automated system to accept bad habit
> > suggestions, but I'm still working on the Java Virus code.
> >
> > Dave "Goodtimes 2.0: it automatically replaces windows 95 with Linux,
> > coming soon to a PC near you" Crook
> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
> <!--
> //alert("Digital Ebola Installer(1.1)\nInstallation Complete.");
> //-->
> </script>
> You are such a fool. I never go anywhere with my javascript showing.
> Greg

Heh, I used to have that one active, but I got tired of all the whinny
complaints from AOL users "You crashed my browser! I can't see your
site". I used to have one staging that it was a "Communications Decency
Act Cookie Scanner" that would check your cache and cookies for evidence
of visiting indecent websites.

Unlike Tim who gets stray email asking about sexual surveys, I tend to
get lots of clueless teenage Filter fanboys from AOL. Ironically I
really like Filter and I do have their Short Bus cd. But of course my
site has nothing to do with filter. I love to send them email telling
them that filter broke up, or they sold out and are doing a scene in the
spice girls movie. But then again I'm a mean, evil bastard.

BTW, just for you Rohit I added some more lines to the bad habits file,
if you are tired of hitting reload you can see them all by looking at


David Crook
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