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Dan Kohn (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 16:16:18 -0800

No, no, I'm just trying to compare the hits at Teledesic's web site to
other sites out there. Netcraft appears to show usage of different
servers, but it doesn't show page counts (or hit counts) of different
sites. Where can I find a site that lists Yahoo's page count first,
followed by Netscape, etc., so that I can say, "Teledesic receives 0.01%
of Microsoft's traffic", or whatever.


- dan

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> To: Dan Kohn
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> What are you guys doing? Doing a little strategic planning over there
> at Teledesic? I would hate to get blamed for optimizations put into
> every embedded piece of software to come out of your company,
> so I will abstain any guesses.
> I don't know if they have exactly what you are looking for,
> but Netcraft has quite an abundance of server information.
> What you need is a good statistical model.
> Greg
> > What are the page counts (pages served per month) of a typical web
> site?
> > How about Yahoo? How do I find this info? I couldn't get anywhere
> with
> > Alta Vista searches.
> >
> > - dan