RE: Spiceworld and some pop music notes.

Joe Barrera (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 17:49:46 -0800

> -- or Radiohead's great album "OK Computer". And yet, airplay on
> those seems minimal at best.

OK Computer is indeed a great album. But (therefore?) I'm not surprised it
gets minimal airplay - I'm more surprised that it's popular at all. It's
really a pretty dark album, at least if you listen to the lyrics...

Speaking of pop (and thus anti-pop), I really recommend the "Dome 1&2" and
"Dome 3&4" CDs. Dome is Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis of Wire. There's a
review of Dome 1&2 on <> . If you like that, then you
should also get Gilbert's solo work, particularly "This Way to the Shivering
Man". And of course you should buy everything by Wire, particularly "The
Ideal Copy" and "It's Beginning To And Back Again".

Actually, Wire is much more "pop" than Dome, but the things that make Wire
interesting to me are presented in full clarified distilled crack-like
intensity in Dome.

- Joe

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