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Joe Barrera (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 20:00:15 -0800

I believe wood and peckers are Tim's area of interest. So I assume he does
woodpeckers as well.

That would be Tim Byars, AKA "CobraBoy!", at .

Glad to be of service,

- Joe

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Subject: Woodpecker clubs

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Subject: woodpecker clubbs.. volenters..?
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hi there stumbled acorss yer name on a few home pages with a email
address fer info on woodpeckers and stuff..??
would you happed to know any clubbs or email address where i
could write and offer my time or $$$ to help in the woodpecker
or somthing to that effect..?
woould like to learn alot more about them and stuff..
thanks fer yer time
utah kirchelm

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