This Week, with Rohit Brinkley

Khare (
Wed, 7 Jan 1998 23:22:56 -0800

Friday 1/16: to SF; dinner with Cringely/Henrik/...?
Saturday 1/17: to IAD; day with the folks
Sunday 1/18: to ZRH; dinner with the Systor crew; Robert Harley to visit?
Monday 1/19: X-Day. [Turns out, UCI Extension might pay us the same amount
to give such lectures right here at home...]
Tuesday 1/20: back to LAX; dinner with Archie in SF? ; miss week 3 of
Agre's course on standardization, which I will miss terribly: it's
economics week, increasing returns, in particular (see 20-page syllabus at
pagre's home page; waaay compelling)
Wednesday 1/21: Essay due on Herbert Simon's Sciences of the Artificial,
for a course in the philosophy of science.

Three real classes this term:
Advisor Dick Taylor's User Interface Software class: Term project and paper
B-school Dean John King's Social Analysis of Computing: Mid-term and final
UCSD visitor Phil Agre's Standardization: Case Study (XML or DAV, which?)

Plus seminar on software and on the history/goals of a doctorate

1/16 Minutes from Monterey workshop
1/19 Acceptance of WWW7 duties
1/30 Submission due for WWW7 PhD students panel, developer's day
2/7 Final edits of WWW7 papers
3/20 Finals week
3/23? XML'98, Seattle (doubtful)
3/30-4/3 IETF-41, LA
4/4 Marc Abrams in San Diego...
4/13 OOPSLA'98 deadline, paper on Patterns of TPs (?)
4/13-18 WWW7 Brisbane
4/28? COOTS, Santa Fe (?)
4-5/? Master's exam
8/28-9/3 USENIX ECommerce WS, Boston
9/7 da adam and michelle thing somewhere in Connecticut

Also :from last term, the cherry on top: TWO undone term papers and NINE
paper reviews.