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Joe Barrera (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 11:14:28 -0800

I know you're joking, so I won't list what I know :-) But, I did actually
spend a couple months on option #2 below (implement a Unix subsystem from
scratch on top of Mach). Obviously it was missing a LOT, but it was good
enough to run 90% of the BSD binaries sitting in /bin and /etc...

- Joe

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Joe Barrera wrote:
> No, real hackers grab the Free BSD tape and implement the missing
> themselves.
> Or, they pick up the Mach 3 kernel and implement their own Unix
> from scratch.
> Or, they toggle in the whole OS, in one pass, designing and coding
as they
> go, not needing paper and pen for notes because they have the
whole thing in
> their head.


What the heck would you know about real operating systems, look
you work. :-)

Dave "Sorry, I just couldn't resist it" Crook

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