Re: Caltech CS Seminar series with Earthlink (!?).

CobraBoy (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 16:59:40 -0800

At 4:09 PM -0800 1/14/98, I Find Karma wrote:

> I guess Earthlink's role is paying for the speakers' travel.
> Of course, any and all forkmembers are invited if you like...

Earthlink is such a piece of total shit. None of their OC X2 numbers work
anymore. I called GTE who said to call PacBell. PacBell said to contact
PacWest Internet. PacWest Internet said Earthlink is aware of the problem
and has been, but all they do is provide a dialtone. Contact Earthlink.

What's wrong with this picture?

So now that Earthlink is the laughing stock of the Internet, banned on more
IRC servers and Newsgroups than any other ISP, their courting CalTech? Well
Scientoligest's do have balls, you can say that for them.


p.s. Adam, your welcome to forward this to as many people as you want.


"I don't have an ISP I have Earthlink."