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Wed, 14 Jan 1998 18:48:47 -0800

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> well my befuddled freind.
> it's like this i did a search on woodpeckers and clubb's
> and yer name and website came -up
> so i wrote ya a letter and here we are.

Well, that's OK. See, I run a mailing list called FoRK, and we discuss all
kinds of random, and even pseudo-random stuff. I'm sure somewhere int he last
6,000 web pages, someone mentioned woodpeckers and someone mentioned golf
clubs, so some sort of synchronicity struck.

> but we can't go on meeting like this people will talk
> im a loner a modern day cowboy with out the horses and without the
> cattle..
> ok and without the tumble weeds and sage brush..
> sheeesh take away all my friggin fun

But no, it turns out no one in our little cocktail party knows much about our
feathered friends.

And it's too bad about the tumbleweed; it was always my favorite toy to kick
around in the Vegas desert when I grew up there...

> anyhow
> you should remove yer name unless yer web page is about peckers and not
> the
> birds woodpeckers then i can see the mix up. .
> hell id give ya a pic of a nice pecker.. damn i think
> it would cause the system to crash you would get so maney hits from
> the ladies wanting a veiw of old utah's privates..
> anyhow
> thanks fer the reply and no im not gay
> sorry to inform you im forever attracted to the pinkness of a woman.
> utah blaine.
> the woodpecker saver !!!!!
> "pecker this"

Well, I can't say there's much I need to remove, it's just the beauty of a
random medium -- besides, you never know who you'll run into this way. Heck,
teh next time someone searches for gay peckers, this is teh very page that'll
turn up...

Perhaps you'll want to fillout the survey:

Happy trails,
Rohit Khare

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