Re: U.S. sex statistics.

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Wed, 14 Jan 1998 22:46:51 -0800

Thank you, Dobbin, for identifying the source of the sex survey today to
be USA Today. Unfortunately, they don't give any of the raw data --
they just collate wherever they want to make a point -- so we don't know
how much of this to take for real.

> > 1. Education level is inversely proportional to getting sex.
> > The less educated you are, the more likely you are to get some.
> > The more educated you are, the less likely you are to get some.
> You got this wrong. See end of this note......

My bad. I was half-listening to Rush Limbaugh when he spurted these
stats. Which is, in fact, the most of my attention I'll offer him.

> I'm really glad I live in a world with USA Today. Today's top
> story (above Inflation at 32-year low and The Football Television rights
> deals. (and by the way, does anyone really care? To the viewer it's
> just which channel to turn on on Sunday afternoon, right? There had to
> be a typo in this though. They listed the rights as ABC: 550 million
> CBS: 500 million FOX: 550 million ESPN: 600 milllion. So ESPN pays the
> most for essentially the least valuable portion of the deal? Yeah.

Actually, it is correct. They must have gotten something extra out of
the deal that the press isn't reporting.

> That seems fair.) was Study finds highly educated have less sex.
> Apparently, if you go to college, but don't get a graduate degree
> you're best off with 61 sexual acts a year (no definition given) (Hey
> Richard, we beat Adam and Megan at least in theory.)

In theory, theory and practice are the same.
In practice, ... yada yada yada ...

> which drops to 52 for those with graduate degrees. (59 for high
> school graduates.)

One more reason why being a grad student stinks.

> Other findings mentioned in the article.....
> People who work 60 or more hours a week are about 10% more
> sexually active than those who work shorter hours.

People who work work 60 hours a week?
Or people who work on getting sex 60 hours a week?

> This is how I plan to encourage my employees when I start a
> business. "Work harder and you'll get laid more! Unless you have a
> graduate degree, then nevermind."

You'll make a fine boss.

> About 15% of adults engage in 50% of all sexual activity.
> I would have though more 10% and 80% but ok.

Yeah, well, people lie on surveys, don't they?

> About one in five adults didn't have any sex in the previous
> year. Many of these are elderly or widowed.
> That last line really wasn't necessary.

You're right, you're right, I know you're right.

> Only one person in 20 is sexually active at least three times a
> week.
> I wonder how this number changes when dropped to 2? Once again,
> USA Today has me wanting the raw data......

Same here.

> Husbands and wives (not in the same couples) have about the same
> amount of sex: once a week.

So they do better than 20% but worse than 5%? Where are the other 75%?

> Well good. If they're having the same amount hopefully they're
> having it with each other and all is as it should be.

Yes, this was an interestingly worded question.

> "In reality, people are staying home a lot by themselves." --
> Geoffrey Godbey, study co-author
> Cool! I'm normal! Yea me!

Normal seems very depressing.


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