Re: FoRK Filosophy [was Re: duck?]

spunkanado (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 03:36:20 -0500 (EST)

"well, there you go again.." Ronald Regan famous Tbayers Flame Post Reply

AS some of you knwo, those who have read the Faq at least (and who hasnt
at least four or five times a month (note to self...can the forkmasters
run a count by origin of who is reading the forkfaq? the stats might be
fun for a thread or two))) I am on many lists, fork, dist-obj and VAL( the
list that is not mentioned in the open air here and on whose list this
list is like wise often unmentioned(note to self, send a case of something
over to the frok masters and get some cross named lists of who is on fork,
val and alt.tastless.bin.barney.phlem..the results might be good for a
thread or two).

Each list has its own pluses, its own minuses and its own set of
characters. Im more vocal on some than other, and of late have been less
vocal on them all simply due to time, tech and the learning of both. (note
to self--how much stuff have i picked up on each list? Is there a
correlation between posting ratios, bit/clue ratios and of course the
mention of male genitalia measurments (further note to self, has fork ever
had a Dick -Off post run???search the archives or ask tim))

There are a few reasons I stay on Fork. One is the Man himself. The boy
can write, and he travels, and he is from all that i have seen here a
generaly nice guy. The list has stayed open to all, even when folks were
asking for my low posting gonads on a stick the R man gave me kind words
that made me want to stay.

The other main reason is you folk know things, good things, things I need
to know and am usualy saving in a tet file so that I can sit on the can
admist breaks at work to read and gather information (note to self, Money
making Idea here, a printout that can be used as toilet paper.
ReadandWipes(tm)..use of no smear inks and feather soft paper "From words
of wit to balls of shit" on this)

the few minuses on the list are some of the same minuses you will find
everywhere. It is a golden axiom of life that Education does nto
nessecarily denote Decency. And I dont mean deceny of not mention sloppy
wet twats or describing your best freind heroin overdose in graphic
burroughsesque fashion. I mean the deceny to tolerate others points of
fews, delivery of words and divergent path of enlightenment.

We all have our paths, and from what I can see no ONE is so much more than
any others to put on airs of supperiority.

I like this place. My lack of posting aside I intend to stay around for
many turns of the sun. As I hope tim does, and adam, and the R man and
every one of you cycling state mongers.

Anyone who should perhaps want to ruin that, well...come on and try.

"I got the poison
I got the remedy" tp