CobraBoy (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 09:00:04 -0800

I haven't seen a stats page since the first of Jan so where we are is
anybody's guess.

However I want to say this on the record.

FoRKBusters pretty much started off as a goof. However, it was you the
members of FoRK that made it into something real. We went in six weeks from
600 +/- to the top 100 peaking at 97th. We reached an all time high of 48th
place for 1 day, and consistently were around the 80's for overall keys

We pissed some people on this list off, but as my mother says, "fuck 'em if
they don't like it."

We did good. As members of this virtual community we have the first effort
of pulling together as a community and accomplishing something. I don't
think any of us ever expected to get the key, nor to place 1st. The journey
was the reward.

Keep running those clients if you can, and I'll let everyone know if the
stats ever come back up.

Also, is there any interest in an "official" FoRKBusters T-Shirt? They
would probably run around $10. Let me know and if get some positive
response I'll find out how many the minimum is.