Larry Flynt's PR people

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 00:11:45 -0800

In Cringely's latest PBS column, he excoriates Microsoft's WebTV
strategy by pointing at TV makers who plan to integrate web surfing w/o
any expensive WinCE (wince?) licenses and resent MS's hardware
contribution. But the real bits are:

"And speaking of people who have received LOTS more money than they
deserve, pornographer Larry Flynt begins his Internet radio career next
Monday. Larry will be bringing his Freedom Radio Network
( to the air. This RealAudio call-in,
log-in, e-mail-in talkshow, which threatens to be the raunch of a
full-blown network, is yet another bozo taking advantage of the
Internet's total freedom of expression. Flynt, who could certainly
afford a real radio show if he wanted one, says he's going online
because the FCC won't make an effort to censor him there. Or at least
that's the story. With kickoff guests including Ariana Huffington and
Bill Maher, it ought to be interesting. The fact that I even know about
this weird event is because Larry and I share the same publicist. Now
THAT's scary!!"

My one-degree-of-separation map is getting more and more distorted...